IP Host Security Policy

This security policy outlines the general use of the information gathered by IP Host, how this information is used, and what the customers can do in case this information needs to be corrected or there are necessary changes to be made.

IP Host will not sell or give away any of our customer’s personal information without their notice. We consider all the information provided by our clients personal and private. We do not consider that by agreeing to our Terms and Conditions you are granting IP Host permission to share your personal details with any third parties that might be interested in either selling you products that you are have not requested, or sharing your information. IP Host needs to provide some of our customer’s information to external third parties – with the sole purpose being to provide the customer the services of IP Host. In order for this process to be attainable, IP Host will send a formal notice to the client and continue only after the client’s consent. The customer has the option to refuse.

All customers that use IP Host services must be over the legal age of 18. At the best of our knowledge, IP Host does not provide services for any individual under the age of 18, and does not collect personal or private information.

1. Security Policy as applicable

This security privacy is applicable to IP Host customers and visitors of our website. IP Host customers’ websites may or may not be covered by this security policy, we strongly advise all customers and visitors to learn more about their website’s privacy and security policies.

2. Use of Information

IP Host is the owner of the information gathered on this website, as well as by any service use. This information is used to provide IP Host services to our customers, detect threatening attempts on our website and constantly improve the services we provide.

IP Host collects the necessary information from our clients for billing purposes. This information can only be shared with the payment processors which require it with the sole intent being accepting and processing the payment. The account information, account number or credit card number is not stored or saved by IP Host.

IP Host customers may choose to provide some information as public. This information is to be used for statistics and future improvements of IP Host services. Although our clients may give us permission to use publicly some of their private information, we will protect this data by not making available certain information that might lead to the identity of our client, such as email or IP address. We highly appreciate our clients efforts to help IP Host provide better, improved, cutting edge services.

3. Cookies

IP Host website uses “cookies” to provide a better service to our customers, to provide a customized experience to our clients. Cookies determine a sole identification for your computer. If you do not wish to use IP Host “cookies”, you can simply disable this option within your browser features.

4. Personal Information

IP Host customers may change their personal information at any time. You acknowledge that the information provided by you to IP Host is truthful. However, if you notice a mistake, or some of your information has changed in time, you are free to change it.

5. Notice of changes

If any part of this Security Policy shall require change at any time, our customers will be notified beforehand. Our customers’ information will be protected and not shared with third parties without our customers approval.